Getting Started with Banners

Full Color Banners and Digital Printing
Vibrant color and photographic realism commands attention and gives your message punch plus lasting impact. Is has never been easier or more cost effective to use the power of color in your signage. Sign-making technology has lowered manufacturing costs while dramatically increasing impact, quality and color stability. With our large format digital printing capability we can make high-impact, full-color banners with photographic quality for surprisingly low cost. For example, a 1’x 3’ foot high durable vinyl banner in photographic image quality is priced at only $30. Volume discounts are also available and are quoted on a job-by-job basis.

Spot-Color Banners
A spot-color banner employs computer-cut solid color vinyl set against a durable vinyl material. Vinyl banner, lettering and image materials come in a variety of colors. Vinyl banner material comes in three weights – 10oz, 13 oz and 18oz – providing a range of options for strength and longevity. “Wind holes” are added for large banners that will be displayed in potentially windy outdoor environments. Hemming and grommets are optional but are recommended if the banner will hand out of doors. Full-color photographs and graphics are added using our large format digital printer.

Choosing the Banner Material
The banner material that makes the most sense for your project will depend upon how long you want the banner to be used and whether it will be placed indoors protected from the elements or out of doors in the sun and weather. We are happy to help you choose the banner material best for your project. Please give us a call at (303) 530-5295.

Choosing the Banner and Lettering Size
Banners are about visibility but they also must be readable. Choose a banner size large enough to accommodate the graphics and message you want to get across to your audience. Consider whether your audience will need to read the banner while driving which necessitates a bigger banner with bigger lettering than you would need if the person reading the banner will be standing nearby reading your banner. Judge your banner’s design and layout at actual viewing distance. Often a design that seems too bold even overwhelming up close will look fine at a realistic viewing distance. Likewise, a design that seems balanced on a computer screen or on a draft printout may be too subtle to be effective from a distance.

Choosing Colors
Choose colors that provide good contrast against each other such as white letters on navy blue or black backgrounds, or black letters on white or yellow background. When placing lettering over a full-color graphic such as a photograph, make sure that the edges of the lettering are sharp enough to be distinguishable from the background or use a drop shadow to help make the lettering stand out.

If you need help planning or designing a banner, please just give us a call. We’re happy to work through all of the details with you to make it easy to get the product you need. Give us a call at (303) 530-2595, , or contact us by e-mail.



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